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Research Spotlight: Mathematics

Modeling of Nonbonded Interactions in Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes

Dr. Dmitry Golovaty and Dr. J. Patrick Wilber have received a $186,420 grant from the National Science Foundation for their project Modeling of Nonbonded Interactions in Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes. Learn More

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Student Spotlight

Student-run Z-TV honored by Broadcast Education Association

The School of Communication's student-run TV station, Z-TV has been named the 2014 Signature Station by the Student Media Advisors group of the Broadcast Education Association.

The station took the top honors this year in a highly competitive selection process judged by broadcast professionals from around the U.S. Judges noted that Z-TV students produce a "well-rounded selection of programming that firmly aims at a clearly defined target market. Program formats and production quality is outstanding in this category. Web presence judged by number of online views was significantly higher than other entries, in fact, more than all other entrants combined."

The competition reviews programming and practices at student-run college radio and television stations each year. The Signature Station Competition recognizes remarkable advisors, students, and stations at BEA's annual convention held every April in Las Vegas.

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