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Research Spotlight: Biology

Researchers Explain Spider Web Stickiness

Todd Blackledge, Department of Biology (far left in photo), and a team of UA researchers have recently unraveled the mysteries behind the glue spiders use to spin their webs.

This path breaking illustration of knowledge production will have a powerful impact on the development of future bio-adhesives, result in multiple commercial applications, and marks another achievement in a field where UA is taking a leadership role in collaboration with regional partners and the medical community.

The research, “Viscoelastic Solids Explain Spider Web Stickiness,” will appear in Nature Communications (May, 2010). Learn More

Student Spotlight

2015 BCAS Scholarship Recipients

Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences announces its 2015 Scholarship recipients.  Students were recognized at a reception held on April 28, welcomed by Executive Dean Chand Midha and emceed by Associate Dean Linda Subich.  This year's award recipients are:

The Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences Alumni Scholarship
Olivia Alexander
Craig Bernard
Lauren Ferritto
Tannya Forcone
Eric Ford
Madison Hexter
Andrew Turk
Katarina Walent

The Evan B. Brewster, Jr. Scholarship
Clayton Hoperich
Tyler Sanda

The Charles E. Bulger, Ph.D., and Esgar Bowen Foltz, M.D., Endowed Scholarship
Gabrielle Barnes
Elizabeth Church
Billie Radcliffe
Spencer Skolnick
Allyson Smith

The William J. Costigan Family Endowed Scholarship
Hannah Adams
Alana Snyder 

Marna Darst McGrath Endowed Scholarship in Social Sciences
Jovana Ilic
Bailey Sandin

The Pauline Franks Endowed Scholarship for Exceptional Students in the Fine Arts
Hailey Altman
Katerine Cox
Arianna Cozart
Jaclyn Hale
Rachel Hall
Melissa Markwald
Alyssa Myers
Julie Polsinelli
Kimberlee Trowbridge

The Judith A. and Roger T. Read Scholarship
Eric Aho
Anthony Brautigam
Julia Lunsford
Mandy Pascu
Emma Reinart
Aaron Sturbaum

Cathryn Carroll Taliaferro Scholarship
Victoria Potemski

Dr. Sheldon B. Liss Endowed Scholarship
Anthony Brautigam
Helen Fisher
Garrett Scherba

Phi Sigma Alpha Scholarship 
Jaclyn Hale
Taylor Jacobs
Robert Kelty
Megan Mitcheltree
Michael Robinson
Jamie Vadnal

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