Spring 2011 Biology Colloquium Schedule

When:  Thursdays 4:00-5:00PM
Where:  ASEC 120

January 13

No speaker but class will meet to discuss course requirements, assign tasks and review upcoming speakers. 

January 20  (Joint Biology/IB seminar)

Speaker:  Dr. Tim Cooper, Assistant Professor, University of Houston   Title:   "Competition, interactions and evolvability in an experimental population of E. coli".    http://www.nsm.uh.edu/~tcooper/Cooper%20lab/Cooper%20lab%20-%20Home.html  (Host: Dr. Moore)

January 27

Speaker:  Dr. Paul Moore, Professor, Bowling Green State University.  Title: “Chemoreception, biomechanics and evolution.  http://www.bgsu.edu/offices/honors/LSE/index.htm  (Host: Dr. Duff)

February 3

Speaker: Dr. Dave McCauley, Professor, Vanderbilt University.  Subject area:   Plant mitochondrial recombination, heteroplasmy and non-maternal inheritance.  http://www.vanderbilt.edu/biosci/mccauleylab/Home  (Host: Moore and Andrea Case, Kent State)

February 10

Graduate student presentations:  5 minute overviews of research and an update on progress toward a degree.

February 17

Speaker:  Dr. J.J. Ramirez, Assistant Professor, University of Akron.  Subject area:  Cardiovascular disease that occur during pregnancy.  http://www.uakron.edu/biology/faculty-staff/detail.dot?identity=1201969

February 24

Speaker:  Dr. Steve Schaeffer, Professor, Penn State University. Subject area:  Molecular population genetics and genomics.  http://www.bio.psu.edu/directory/sws4  (Host: Duff and Turner)

March 3

Speaker:  Dr. Lauren Chapman, Professor and Canada Research Chair, Dept of Biology, McGill  University.  Title: “Tough Lives: Hypoxia and phenotypic divergence in East African fishes”  http://biology.mcgill.ca/faculty/chapman/index.html (Host: Moore and Bagatto)

March 10

Graduate student presentations:  5 minute overviews of research and an update on progress toward a degree.

March 17

Spring Break – no colloquium

March 24


March 31 (Joint Biology/IB seminar)

Speaker:  Dr. Ben Kerr, Associate Professor, Department of Biology University of Washington.  Subject area: Systems Biologist

April 7 (Williams Lecture)

Speakers:  Andrea Gore and David Crews, Professors, University of Texas.  Subject  area: neural control of reproductive development and aging. http://www.utexas.edu/pharmacy/divisions/pharmtox/faculty/gore.html  and http://www.biosci.utexas.edu/IB/faculty/crews.htm  (Host: Cushing)

April 15 (Friday 2:00 PM, Joint Biology/IB seminar)

Speaker:  Dr. Steve Tonsor, Associate Professor, University of Pittsburgh.   Subject area:  Adaptive evolution of the phenotype  http://www.pitt.edu/~biohome/Dept/Frame/Faculty/tonsor.htm  (Host: Moore)

April 21

Speaker:  Dr. Peter Lavrentyev and colleagues, Professor, University of Akron.  Subject area:  Food web dynamics in protistan communities of the Barents Sea. 

April 28

5th Annual Biology Undergraduate Research Symposium – details forthcoming

April 29  (Friday 2:00PM, Joint Biology/Integrated Biosciences seminar)

Speaker: Dr. Douge Fudge, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Integrative Biology, University of Guelph.  Subject area:  Biomaterials   http://www.uoguelph.ca/ib/people/faculty/fudge.shtml