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Poll: Akron Buckeye Poll: 2015 Ohio Presidential Politics

The 2015 Akron Buckeye Poll investigates underlying attitudes toward the 2016 presidential election in Ohio. The evidence suggests a close contest for the open seat in the White House, a sharp contrast with 2008—the previous open seat race. The state of the Ohio economy is a critical difference between the two elections. The poll indicates that few Ohioans have firm views on Democratic or Republican candidates, but among those that do, the early presidential race resembles the national contest.

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Poll: Akron Buckeye Poll: 2015 Ohio Ballot Issues

The 2015 Akron Buckeye Poll investigates public opinion among registered voters about three proposed constitutional amendments on the 2015 general election ballot: Issue 1 (redistricting reform), Issue 2 (anti-monopoly provision), and Issue 3 (legalize marijuana). The survey provides a baseline for understanding public support for the ballot issues during the final weeks of the campaign.

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Poll: Clinton in the lead, but nearly half of Democrats want Biden to run

Nearly half of likely Democratic primary voters (48%) say that Vice President Joe Biden should get into the presidential race, expressing a strong sentiment that they want to consider an alternative to Hillary Clinton, according to the Bliss Institute/Zogby Analytics poll released Aug. 5, 2015.

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Poll: Strong support for Trump among republican primary voters

Donald Trump leads the Republican presidential field with 25% among likely GOP primary voters, according to The University of Akron’s Bliss Institute of Applied Politics and Zogby Analytics poll released Aug. 4, 2015.

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    Bliss in the media

  • Feb 1: Professor John Green is quoted in an NPR story on how voters in the evangelical community view GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump. Green comments more generally on Iowa’s evangelical voters in a Bloomberg Business piece.

  • Feb 1: Professor David Cohen talked on 1590AM WAKR this morning about the Iowa caucuses (no audio available).

  • Jan 28: Professor John Green appeared on 1590AM WAKR this afternoon to discuss the absence of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump from tonight’s debate.
  • Jan 27: Professor John Green is quoted in a story about recent endorsements received by presidential candidate Donald Trump.
  • Jan 24: Jenni Fitzgerald, internship manager with the Ray C. Bliss Institute of Applied Politics, talks about internship opportunities that are available to all UA students through the institute. UA TO Z
  • Jan 22: Professor John Green comments in a story about an effort to place a medical marijuana legalization amendment on the ballot in Ohio this year.
  • Jan 20: Comments from professor David Cohen are referenced in an Akron Beacon Journal story about efforts to get former Ohio Gov. Ted Strickland to debate P.G. Sittenfeld in Akron.

  • Jan 14: Professor John Green is quoted by The Columbus Dispatch for a story on what Ohio Gov. John Kasich might face at tonight’s GOP presidential debate
  • Jan 13: Professor Cohen is also quoted in a Cincinnati Enquirer story about Ohio Sen. Sherrod Brown’s plan to overturn the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement.
  • Jan 13: Professor David Cohen participated in a review of last night’s State of the Union address on 90.3FM WCPN. Professor John Green talked with Ray Horner on 1590AM WAKR about the same topic (no audio available).
  • Jan 12: Professor David Cohen appeared on Ray Horner’s show on 1590AM WAKR this morning to discuss tonight’s State of the Union address (no audio available).
  • Jan 7: Professor John Green has been interviewed by WUPW-TV (Fox - Toledo) about the disgust many Ohioans feel toward national politics.
  • Jan 5: Professor David Cohen appeared on 1480AM WHBC today to discuss the latest developments in the 2016 presidential race.
  • Jan 4: Professor John Green is quoted in an Associated Press story about the results of a poll conducted by UA’s Bliss Institute for Applied Politics on voter satisfaction with American politics. Professor Green’s comments are also part of a story in The Columbus Dispatch about the critical role Ohio will play in the 2016 presidential election.
  • Dec 21: Professor John Green is quoted in a story in The Columbus Dispatch about Ted Strickland’s switch on gun rights and the impact that could have on the U.S. Senate Democratic primary race. Professor Green is also quoted in an NPR story on a different topic: the defining of what constitutes an ‘evangelical voter.’
  • Dec 17: A piece authored by professor John Green titled “Tackling Trumpism, a Mirror for Our Times” has been posted by RealClear Politics.
  • Dec 16: Professors David Cohen and John Green made individual appearances on 1590AM WAKR today to discuss last night’s Republican presidential debate (no audio available).
  • Dec 14:Professor David Cohen appeared on 1480AM WHBC to talk about tomorrow night’s GOP debate. 
  • Dec 14: Professor John Green is quoted by The Blade in a story about Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s presidential hopes leading up to Tuesday night’s GOP debate. Green was quoted in a different story on the same topic by The Columbus Dispatch. And Professor Green also appeared on 1590AM WAKR today to discuss religion and politics along with the GOP debate (no audio available).
  • Dec 10: Professor John Green is quoted in The Washington Post in a story on the search by some evangelicals for a presidential candidate other than Donald Trump.
  • Dec 7: Professor David Cohen is quoted by The Blade in a story about how gun control is becoming an issue in Ohio’s 2016 U.S. Senate race.
  • Nov 30: An Associated Press story has been carried by many news outlets across Ohio and the nation (including PBS NewsHour and Fox News) featuring quotes from professor John Green. The story examines statements from Republican presidential candidates directed toward Muslims following recent terrorist attacks.
  • Nov 18: Professor John Green is quoted in a Bloomberg story about Republican opposition to the resettlement of Syrian refugees in the U.S.
  • Nov 17: Professor John Green is quoted in a 90.3FM WCPN story on last night’s rally in Cleveland by Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders.
  • Nov 16: Professor David Cohen appeared on Wisconsin public radio’s Joy Cardin Show to discuss the most recent Democratic presidential debate

  • Nov 12: In continuing coverage, Professor John Green is quoted in a Toledo Blade story on the performance of Ohio Gov. Kasich in Wednesday’s Republican presidential debate. 

  • Nov 11: Dr.Green is quoted in a Akron Beacon Journal article on Akron-area millennials.
  • Nov 11: Professor John Green talked to Jasen Sokol on 1590AM WAKR about the performance of Ohio Gov. Kasich in the Republican presidential debate (no audio available).
  • Nov 10: Professor John Green is quoted in a story on Politico about presidential candidate Ben Carson's foreign policy.
  • Nov 9: Professor John Green is quoted in Columbus Dispatch and Canton Repositorystories about the direction of Ohio Gov. Kasich’s presidential campaign. Professor Green is also quoted in a commentary in The New Yorker about the Republican party’s relationship with Hispanic voters.   
  • Nov 5: Professor Stephen Brooks talked to about the agenda of Akron Mayor-elect Dan Horrigan.

  • Nov 5:  In Issue 3 coverage, talks to Professor John Green and other political scientists about why polling didn’t foresee Ohio voters rejecting Issue 3. Green is also quoted in articles by and Akron Beacon Journal that analyze why Issue 3 failed, and Professor Stephen Brooks talks to WKSU about the Issue 3 campaign itself.
  • Nov 4: Professor John Green appeared on the Ray Horner and Jasen Sokol shows on 1590AM WAKR today to discuss the outcomes of the local and state elections, including the ‘no’ vote on Issue 3.
  • Nov 3: In continuing coverage, the Buckeye Poll from UA’s Bliss Institute that measured voter sentiment toward Issues 2 and 3 has been cited by national media on this Election Day, including The Washington TimesForbesThe AtlanticTimeABC Newsand Bloomberg
  • Nov 2:  Professor John Green’s comments appear in a story in The New Yorker about the GOP presidential candidates. Professor Green is also quoted in The Vindicator in a piece about the issues that most interest millennial voters.
  • Oct 30: Associate professor Stephen Brooks is quoted in a 90.3FM WCPN story on the Akron mayoral race.
  • Oct 30: Professor John Green’s comments are included in a story in The Blade on Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s performance in this week’s GOP presidential debate. 
  • Oct 29: Professor David Cohen has been talking GOP presidential debate of late—with 1590AM WAKR’s Jasen Sokol on Wednesday, and this morning with the same station’s Ray Horner (no audio available).
  • Oct 28: A letter to the editor in the Troy Daily News highlights, a nonpartisan website featuring information on all judicial races on the ballot statewide. The tool for voters is cited as a collaboration of UA’s Bliss Institute of Applied Politics and other organizations.
  • Oct 28: Professor John Green is quoted by The Washington Post for a story on GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson’s religious faith and its impact on his candidacy. Professor Green’s comments are also in a story by The Columbus Dispatch on Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s apparent change in strategy for the upcoming GOP presidential debate.
  • Oct 22: Professor John Green comments in a story that considers the possibility of LeBron James someday becoming more active in politics. 
  • Oct 22: Professor David Cohen appeared on 1590AM WAKR’s Ray Horner Show this morning to discuss the decision by Vice President Joe Biden against running for president and other political news (no audio available).
  • Oct 22: An editorial in the Akron Beacon Journal examining Issue 1 draws heavily from the latest poll of voters conducted by UA’s Bliss Institute of Applied Politics.
  • August 24U.S. News & World Report quotes professor Karl Kaltenthaler in a story on the Pentagon’s plan to have contractors handle certain drone missions.
  • August 20: John Green commented on the passing of former Ohio Congressman Louis Stokes on WCPN-FM.
  • August 19John Green, director of UA’s Bliss Institute of Applied Politics, participated in a panel on WCPN-FM’s “The Sound of Ideas” as well as a discussion on WAKR-AM (no audio) focusing on the debate between the Democratic candidates vying to become Akron’s mayor.

John Green, Bliss Institute director and distinguished professor of political science in UA’s Buchtel College of Arts and Sciences, was interviewed for coverage of Cleveland hosting the 2016 Republican National Convention.

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