Board Materials (Oct. 2012-present)

Summaries of Board Actions (2002-2012)

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Much of the content of this page is archival and, as such, is not updated.

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${file.getExtension()} file 2012September19UABoardMeetingMaterialsFinal.pdf
19 September 2012 UA Board Materials Final
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${file.getExtension()} file 2012OctoberUABoardMaterialsFinalUpdate.pdf
31 October 2012 UA Board Materials Final
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${file.getExtension()} file 2012October31Boardactionssummary.pdf
2012 October 31 Board actions summary
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${file.getExtension()} file 2012December12Boardsummary.pdf
2012 December 12 Board summary
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${file.getExtension()} file 2012August8UABoardMeetingMaterialsFinal.pdf
8 August 2012 UA Board Materials Final
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${file.getExtension()} file 20120919Boardsummary.pdf
10 September 2012 Board actions summary
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${file.getExtension()} file 20120808Boardsummary.pdf
8 August 2012 Board actions summary
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${file.getExtension()} file 20120613Boardsummary.pdf
13 June 2012 Summary of Board Actions
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${file.getExtension()} file 20120502Boardsummary.pdf
2 May 2012 Board Actions Summary
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${file.getExtension()} file 20120314Boardsummary.pdf
14 March 2012 Board Actions Summary
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${file.getExtension()} file 20120118Boardsummary.pdf
18 January 2012 Board Actions Summary
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${file.getExtension()} file 12December2012UAFinalBoardMeetingMaterials.pdf
12 December 2012 UA Board Materials Final
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