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Board of Trustees Statement of Mission, Values, and Expectations

Board Bylaws

Rule NumberRule TitlePdfWordEffective Date
3359-01-01 Members of the Board and their Powers PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-01-02 Officers of the Board and their Duties PDF Microsoft Word 10-06-2011
3359-01-03 Committees of the Board PDF Microsoft Word 10-06-2011
3359-01-04 Meetings of the Board PDF Microsoft Word 10-06-2011
3359-01-05 President of the University PDF Microsoft Word 02-27-2009
3359-01-06 University Faculty PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-01-07 Annual Budget PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-01-08 Enactment, Repeal or Amendments PDF Microsoft Word 12-23-1995
3359-01-09 Compliance with Administrative Rule Filing Requirements PDF Microsoft Word 12-23-1995
3359-01-10 Advisory Trustees PDF Microsoft Word 02-14-2013
3359-02-01 The Office of Academic Affairs PDF Microsoft Word 10-01-2012
3359-02-01.1 Deans of the Degree-Granting and Professional Colleges and Schools PDF Microsoft Word 02-14-2013
3359-02-02 Organization of Instruction PDF Microsoft Word 02-14-2013
3359-02-03 University Libraries Administration PDF Microsoft Word 07-05-2010
3359-02-04 University Research Council PDF Microsoft Word 06-28-2012
3359-02-05 University Research, Copyright and Patent Policy PDF Microsoft Word 06-28-2012
3359-02-06 Degrees and Certificates PDF Microsoft Word 03-27-2003
3359-02-10 Vice President for Research and Dean of the Graduate School PDF Microsoft Word 06-28-2012
3359-03-01 Officers of Finance and Administration PDF Microsoft Word 02-14-2013
3359-03-02 Tuition Fees and Refunds PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-03-03 Property of the University PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-03-04 Budget Deficit PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-03-05 Office of Talent Development and Human Resources PDF Microsoft Word 06-30-2011
3359-03-06 Acceptance of Credit Cards as Payment Option to the University PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-04-01 Officers of Public Affairs and Development PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-04-04 Compliance with the Sunshine Law PDF Microsoft Word 11-04-1977
3359-05-01 Officers of the Vice President and Chief Information Officer Division PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-06-01 Office of the Vice President for Capital Planning and Facilities Management PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-07-01 Office of the Vice President and General Counsel PDF Microsoft Word 11-24-2001
3359-07-01.1 Records Compliance Office PDF Microsoft Word 04-27-2006
3359-07-02 Office of University Internal Audit PDF Microsoft Word 10-06-2011
3359-08-01 Officers of Student Affairs PDF Microsoft Word 06-25-2007
3359-09-01 Appointment to the Classified and Unclassified Civil Service PDF Microsoft Word 08-09-1996
3359-09-02 General Academic and Administrative Personnel Matters PDF Microsoft Word 11-12-2011
3359-09-03 Full-Time Service PDF Microsoft Word 04-11-2011
3359-09-04 Amendments PDF Microsoft Word 08-09-1996
3359-09-05 Notice Procedure PDF Microsoft Word 08-05-1999

Related Sections of Ohio Revised Code

Ohio Ethics Law and Related Statutes

ORC 3.17: Officer; Oaths; Bonds. Failure to attend meetings.

ORC Chapter 102: Public Officers - Ethics

ORC 121.22: Public Meetings - Exceptions

ORC Chapter 124: Department of Administrative Services - Personnel

ORC Chapter 145: Public Employees Retirement System

ORC 149.43: Availability of Public Records

ORC 185.05: Applications from Primary Care Practices with Educational Affiliations

ORC Chapter 3333: Ohio Board of Regents

ORC Chapter 3345: State Universities - General Powers

ORC Chapter 3347: University Housing Commissions

ORC Chapter 3359: The University of Akron

ORC 4117.01: Public employees' collective bargaining definitions

Ohio "Sunshine Laws" Manual ("Yellow Book")

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