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To find the major and career that's right for you, take a self-assessment, review what majors lead to the career you want, and check out the career cycle to be sure you're on track.


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What can I do with a major in ...?

Find the major that will lead you to the career you want by clicking on the world below to discover.  This tool allows you to explore majors and career choices. This helpful site lists dozens of academic majors and offers common career areas that you might want to explore/pursue, the typical employers or industries you may work in, as well as some of the key strategies designed to maximize career opportunities.

What Can I Do With A Major In ...

Choosing a major

Choosing a major is a complex decision. This tool is not a comprehensive list. You may use this tool in conjunction with other career assessments, such as Focus 2, SIGI, or OCIS. For academic and career information relating to unique, interdisciplinary and innovative majors offered at The University of Akron, talk with your career adviser, academic adviser, and/or faculty members. 

What Can I Do With This Major? is created and produced by the University of Tennessee Career Services, and is used by hundreds of colleges and universities. 

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