Career Fair at UA

Love for the Career Center

Actual notes received by Career Center professionals in recent months:

I just got Ernst & Young offer this morning. I could not tell you how excited I am now. Thank you so much for helping me out throughout this whole interview process.

…I visited the Career Center for help with my resume, interviewing techniques, and internship searches. They helped me fine-tune my resume, and while working on it, they also suggested I look into an internship with Scottrade, Inc., which I later received. This transitioned into full-time work after graduating. I was very satisfied with this process.

In 2009, I closed down my financial planning business, and didn’t know where to go next. After unsuccessfully looking for employment, I contacted the Career Center again for alumni assistance. I also decided to return to school and get my MBA… I am graduating in December 2013 with an MBA in Supply Chain, and decided to take one last chance at visiting the Career Center for assistance. I met with Emily Vees. Given Emily’s past industry experience, I was able to get answers to some questions nobody had previously been able to help me with. In addition, I am very satisfied with how proactive the Career Center has been the last two months. They really seem to care about helping me get a job. They are leveraging past industry contacts and actively making suggestions about steps I should take and jobs I should apply for.

I attended a “Job Placement Best Practices Workshop” today, and was please at how relevant the information was for someone in my situation. I don’t need help with how to be professional in interviews, finding my passions, or dressing for success. I need help with navigating the current HR landscape, networking, and career search paths. All of these things have been provided recently by the Career Center, and I’m relieved to see my money being put to use assisting me. This change is encouraging to see.

Thank you for showing me my numerous mistakes I've made on my resume. I can't believe (nor will you, for that matter), that the resume you saw was largely approved by another resume specialist earlier this year. I wish she pointed out these issues as you have.

Thank you again.

Thank you so much for scanning the application over to me via email. I actually just got off the phone with Christina at Stark County Job & Family Services. As of right now they'll be doing a background review on my application. I have to say that you guys rock at what you do helping us students out here at The University of Akron.

Also more great news! I have two phone interviews scheduled for a couple of employers from the Career Fair this afternoon as well. 

I will definitely keep you guys posted on what happens from here on out. Thanks again!

Thank you for working on my resume today. I am very anxious about pursuing a teaching position, and your help has eased some of my worries. I wanted to let you know that your warming personality and willingness to help was very beneficial and welcoming!

Thank you again for your time and look forward to working with you in the future.