Posting jobs gives all students equal access to departmental positions and it is a regulation for hiring students.

To hire a student employee:

  1. Decide if this is
  2. Complete the appropraite form linked to above and e-mail it to Anna Bahvala at
  3. Your opening will be listed in the on-campus job listing
  4. Review the Student Employment Manual
  5. Complete the hiring process by filling out the necessary forms

NOTE: Student Employment is now a part of the Office of Financial Aid.

To complete the hiring process

  1. Hire / Rehire form
    1. Include all necessary signatures
    2. Return form to the Office of Student Employment via campus mail: +6211. Must be submitted by 10 a.m. on the Monday preceding each payday. 
    3. A processed form will be returned to you for your records
  2. I-9 form | 
    1. Student Employee completes and signs Section 1 (page 7)  on or before 1st day of employment
    2. Supervisor examines the originals of Identification Documents, then completes and signs Section 2 (page 8). Record title, number and expiration date (if any) of the document. Must be completed no later than 3rd day of employment.
    3. Do not send copies of Identification Documents with I-9

 3. School Employees Retirement System


4. W-4 form - Employee's Withholding Allowance Certificate

5. Direct Deposit form (Encourage your student to sign up for direct deposit)

6. Provide your student with Health Insurance Coverage Information,  Student Employment Manual and New Student Orientation

Review Payroll Student New Hire Instructions

Additional Forms:

Change / Termination Form
To be used for account code changes, changes from Federal Work Study to regular employment, regular employment to FWS, and terminations.

Reminder: all pay-rate and account code changes must begin on the 1st day of the pay-period.

Supervisor Change Form

Office of Financial Aid and Student Employment

202 Simmons Hall
Please send all forms to +6211

Tanya Daniluk
Assistant Director, Financial Aid Office
Phone: 330-972-7201

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