CBA Corporate Connections

Leadership and Human Resource Management

Christopher J. Maurer, Executive Vice President, Chief Human Resources Officer, FirstMerit Corporation

Robert Arbogast, Director, Organizational Advancement, The Timken Company

Steven J. Becker, Sr. Vice President, Human Resources, Sterling Jewelers Inc.

Robert Chess, Chief Human Resources Officer, ACRT Inc.

Nichole Grambo, Coordinator, Internships

Rob Jordan, Director Human Resources-Commercial & Off-Highway Businesses, The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company

Charles Josey, MBA, VP Corporate Finance, Lake Health

Raymond Latiano, Managing Director, Northwestern Mutual Financial

Mark Little, Sr. Vice President, Paul Lawrence Associates

Larry Mancini, Database Administrator, Manager of Technical Services

Elaine Orosz, HR Business Leader, Progressive

Terry Owen, Ph.D., CEO, PRADCO

Len Paoletti, Division Leader, Data Center Operations, Allstate Insurance Company

Cynthia Sheeks, Assistant Director of Development

Kristin Tull, Ph.D., President, PRADCO

Gary Wells, Senior Managing Director of Media Relations and Global Communications, Dix & Eaton


Maria Hamdani, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Steven Ash, Ph.D., Chair, Professor

Sheri Schulte, M.S., Visiting College Lecturer

Robert Figler, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Ken Aupperle, Ph.D., Professor

Ravi Krovi, Ph.D., Dean, Professor

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