South Korea

Global Village Program

The Global Village (GV) Program is an expansion of the student exchange program in which international exchange students will take part in the cultural internship program, living with a small group of Korean students in a more amicable environment while taking courses of their choice. Moreover, they will also have opportunity to interact with other international students from different places around the world.

All the activities in the GV Program are conducted in English. International students will come to understand the Korean lifestyle and its culture as well as make friends with Korean students. At the same time Korean students will also be able to experience Western culture as they interact closely with the exchange students.

Requirement for Admission

  • Priority is given to students who have finished at least two semester of their programs.
  • The candidate must have sufficient command of the English language.
  • Admission will be based on a review of application forms, including two recommendation letters; one from of academic advisor and the other from the Office of International Program(OIP).

Financial Aid

  • Financial assistance of $3000 will be provided for students participating in the GV program.
  • Tuition and dormitory fees are waived for students participating in the GV program.