About the Institute

The Institute for Leadership Advancement is made possible through a generous gift from The J.M. Smucker Company. While our vision is both futuristic and bold, it is firmly tied to our enduring values of ethics and responsibility, a comprehensive strategy, integrated programming which connects both knowledge and people, and targeted learning outcomes.

We employ leadership models found among the most expert practices (Social Change Model, Leadership Identity Development Model, Authentic Leadership, etc.) to provide for a thoughtful, engaging mix of personal development, interpersonal growth, and adaptability among changing contexts and paradigms.

Our College of Business Administration believes in integrated knowledge, integrated solutions, and that today’s college students should be empowered to be more than “majors;” they should “Be the Next…Anything!”

Our programs and offerings can be found in the links above. If you have any questions about any of our initiatives, feel free to call us at 330-972-8115 or e-mail us at leadership@uakron.edu