Taylor Institute for Direct Marketing

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World Class Leadership

The Taylor Institute Faculty consists of industry leaders across a number of direct interactive marketing fields. The faculty plays a vital role in maintaining and enhancing the threefold purpose or mission of providing world-class teaching, research and service. They also embody state-of-the-art theories and practices in direct marketing and insuring that these are available and used in Taylor Institute programming.

Taylor Institute Advisory Board

Steve Brubaker, Chief of Staff, InfoCision Management Corporation

Gary Laben, CEO, Knowledgebase Marketing

Mike Murray, President & CEO, TMA Direct

Craig Taylor, Chief Executive Officer, InfoCision Management Corporation

James V. Lavin, Jr., Retired, Direct Marketing Consultant to Religious and Political Organizations.

Scott Houck, Strategic Sales Manager, XMPie/Xerox

Dale Lewison, Ph.D., Retired, Executive Director, The Taylor Institute for Direct Marketing and Suarez Applied Marketing Research Laboratories

Karen Taylor, Chairman, InfoCision Management Corporation


James Divoky, D.B.A., Associate Dean, Professor

Ravi Krovi, Ph.D., Dean, Professor

William E. Baker, Ph.D., Chair, Professor of Marketing