Graduate Certificate Programs Offer Specialized Training

Graduate certificate programs offer additional training in specialized areas of study for students in a master’s program or already holding a master’s degree, which can be in areas of study outside of business. Certificate programs are carefully devised to provide skills in crucial marketplace topics.

We offer graduate certificate programs in:

When a student completes the requirements for a degree, the certificate will be awarded, unless the program is “free-standing” – that is, it does not require participation in a degree program.

Students who are admitted to a certificate program who are also admitted to an MBA or MSM program must take 9 additional credits not used for the MBA or MSM degree program requirements.

Please note: Each graduate certificate program requires specific courses, none of which can be waived. Students enrolled in certificate programs are ineligible for financial aid or Graduate Assistantship awards.

International Students. International students may enroll in certificate programs only if they also are admitted to a degree-granting program. International students who want to participate in graduate certificates must apply for the certificate programs soon after completing foundation courses in their degree-granting programs.

Both the certificate and degree must be completed at the same time. Certificate programs are not recognized by INS as acceptable programs for admission and must be completed concurrently with a degree program. They cannot be added to extend stays in the US.

Any Saudi scholarship student who is interested in a certificate program in addition to an MBA or MSM degree must complete all foundation level courses before applying for the certificate. You also must have a letter from the Saudi Cultural Mission or employer approving the addition of the certificate program.

Applying for a Certificate

To enter a program, students must hold a bachelor’s degree and be in a graduate, degree-granting program or already have a master’s degree, and submit letters of reference and a statement of purpose or a resume.

Apply through the graduate school application process and specify on the form that the application is for a certificate program. You will need to complete a new application for any additional program you want to enter.

Please note that during 2013-2014, graduate certificates in e-Business, Human Resources, and Managemnt of Technology and Innovation are officially cancelled because courses are no longer offered.