Health Care Management Certificate

Health care is one of the fastest growing sectors in the economy. The Health Care Management Certificate program is designed to help students understand the structure, components and interdependencies of the healthcare sector. Students will learn to evaluate how services will affect the cost, quality, and accessibility of healthcare delivery.

Students admitted to the health care management certificate program may enroll only in those courses required for the completion of the certificate.

Admission Requirements

Students must be accepted into a graduate or professional program, or already have a graduate or professional degree to apply to a CBA graduate certificate program. Apply now.


Required: Complete 9 credits

Course Number Course Name Credits
6500:580 Introduction to Health Care Management (3 credits)
6500:582 Health Services Operations Management (3 credits)
6500:683 Health Services Systems Management (3 credits)

Electives: Choose 6 credits from the following:

Course Number Course Name Credits
6500:585 Special Topics in Health Services Administration (3 credits)
6500:686 Health Services Research Project (3 credits)
6500:688 Independent Study in Health Services Administration (3 credits)
3250:536 Health Economics (3 credits)
3850:615 Epidemiologic Methods in Health Research (3 credits)
3850:656 Sociology of Health Care (3 credits)
4800:630 Biomedical Computing (3 credits)
8200:632 Fiscal Management in Nursing Administration (3 credits)
6500:602 Computer Techniques for Management (3 credits)
6500:641 Database Systems (3 credits)
6500:650 Human Resource Systems for Managers (3 credits)
6500:663 Data Analysis for Managers (3 credits)
6500:675 Supply Chain Management (3 credits)
6500:6xx Any Course with the approval of the Director (1-3 credits)
Total Credits: 15