Collaborative and Joint Degree Programs

The CBA offers joint programs, as well as programs in collaboration with a number of departments across campus to allow non-business students to expand their understanding of business and also reduce MBA requirements if they later choose to pursue the degree.

Joint Degree Programs with the School of Law

Joint degree programs with the School of Law include the JD/MBA in legal and administrative studies; taxation in legal and taxation studies JD/M.Tax; and the JD and Master of Science in Accountancy in financial forensics, JD/MSA. These programs prepare students for careers in areas such as corporate law, tax accounting, management, or legal practice in goverment. Students can transfer up to 10 credits of business to fulfill law requirements and up to nine credits of law to fulfill business requirements. Thus reducing total credit requirements for completing both degrees by 19 credits.

Beginning in the Fall 2013 semester, all JD/MBA students will be admitted to the JD/MBA Interdisciplinary concentration. This concentration allows students to transfer nine law credits to the CBA. Students admitted prior to Fall 2013 are encouraged to apply for the Interdisciplinary concentration so as to maximize transfer. Other MBA concentrations have more specific course requirements and may only permit transfer of three or six credits from the School of Law. Law students interested in pursuing MBA concentrations other than interdisciplinary should make an appointment with the Director of Graduate Programs by calling 330-972-7043.

Please note: The JD/MSM-HR program has been suspended by the Management Department and will no longer be offered.

Joint degree programs permit students to transfer courses between programs to reduce the total amount of time and credits required to complete both programs.

Learn more about Joint Programs with the School of Law.

Pre-MBA Business Minor for Undergraduate Students

While many programs described on this page are more formal in nature, students in any undergraduate degree program also can take electives or pursue a pre-MBA business minor to achieve the same goals.

Engineering, Arts Administration, and MD Collaborative Programs

The College of Engineering offers an Engineering Management concentration that combines Engineering and business courses into a specialized program to assist Engineers in managing departments within corporationsorganizations. The School of Dance, Theatre, and Arts Administration offers an Arts Administration degree which also includes business courses. Students in these programs may then go on to pursue the MBA with reduced course requirements because Gateway courses may be waived and up to nine credits of graduate level coursework may be double counted.

Many cooperative programs provide undergraduate students with the opportunity to take undergraduate business classes to waive MBA Gateway courses. Programs in this category include the BS/MD-MBA and the Honors Engineering-MBA options.

Accelerated BS-Applied Mathematics MBA Program

The Accelerated BS-Applied Mathematics MBA program is designed to allow undergraduate Applied Math students to complete the Gateway courses with undergraduate equivalents and begin taking graduate level business courses while completing the bachelor’s degree. It is designed to be a five-year program. Learn more about this 5-year program.