Information Systems Management MSM Concentration

The Information Systems Management option in the Master’s of Science in Management program prepares students to lead technology functions in tomorrow’s organizations.

As organizations grow more and more dependent on technologies, it’s crucial leaders understand new technologies and how they help drive the overall company strategy. In this option, students will take graduate courses that help them understand main organizational functions — from strategic marketing and business analytics to global supply chain management and project management.

As of August 25, 2013 The University of Akron is proud to announce that the Master of Science in Management (MSM) in Information Systems has been approved as a federal STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) program.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS)/U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)recognizes graduates of this program residing on student visas as eligible for an optional practical training (OPT) extension. While regular students are able to remain in the country and receive training through work experience for up to 12 months, students who graduate from a designated STEM degree program, such as our MSM in Information Systems program, can remain for an additional 17 months on an OPT STEM extension.

Information on the standard OPT and STEM OPT extension can be found on the Office of International Programs (OIP) website for OIP-STEM (URL to link,- Immigration, Forms, OPT packet and STEM OPT Extension Packet.)

The Information Systems Management option

Foundation Courses —6 Credits
6200:601 Financial Accounting (3 credits)
6600:620 Strategic Marketing (3 credits)
MSM Core Courses —12 Credits
6500:675 Global Supply Chain Management (3 credits)
6500:652 Managing People in Organizations (3 credits)
6500:601 Business Analytics and Information Strategy (3 credits)
6500:678 Project Management (3 credits)
MSM Information Systems Core —12 Credits
6500:641 Business Database Systems (3 credits)
6500:643 Analysis and Design of Business Systems (3 credits)
6500:644 Knowledge Management and Business Intelligence (3 credits)
6500:640 Information Systems and IT Governance (3 credits)
Electives (Choose 2) —6 Credits
6500:645 Software Development and Quality Assurance (3 credits)
6500:520 Management of Data Networks (3 credits)
6200:554 Information Systems Security (3 credits)
6700:695 Gateway Internship (3 credits)
6500:651 Management of Organizational Transformation (3 credits)
Total Core Credits 30
Maximum Requirement 36

Application Deadline

  • July 15 for Fall enrollment
  • November 15 for Spring enrollment
  • April 15 for Summer enrollment

It is recommended that international students apply one month prior to these dates to allow time for admission and I-20 visa processing. I-20 forms are processed by the Office of International Programs.

Students currently admitted to this program may have different course requirements than those listed here. Refer to your official Program Checklist and DARS in My Akron for your program requirements.