Technological Innovation Focus in the Master’s of Science in Management

Innovation plays a crucial role in today’s global economy, as product cycles shorten and competition and consumer expectations drive newer and better products.  In an increasingly global economy, enterprises with effective and efficient management of technology and innovation will gain competitive advantage over their rivals. The Technological Innovation concentration of the Master’s in Management (MSM) graduate degree prepares students to navigate the process of creating new ventures and projects. Students interested in science, medicine, engineering, and technology can benefit greatly from this program.

Program Coursework

Foundation Courses

MSM Foundation courses provide fundamental business knowledge for students who do not have an undergraduate degree in business. Some students with undergraduate business coursework may be required to take Gateway courses if: the courses were not comparable, classes were taken more than six years ago or grades in the courses were below “B.”

CBA Graduate Programs advisors can provide a transcript assessment for you, before you submit the application, so that you can determine what your program will look like. This will involve a review of transcripts or grade reports for all previous universities attended to determine which, if any, of these courses you need to take. Contact an advisor at to arrange a transcript assessment. We also offer waiver exams so that you have the opportunity to prove your knowledge of a particular subject. If you pass the waiver exam the course will be waived, reducing your program requirements. If there is doubt with regard to academic equivalence, we will require the waiver exam.

Core Courses

Management core courses build on the foundation coursework to provide students with in-depth exposure to the management field. These advanced courses are specific to the concentration.

Concentration Courses

There are required concentration courses and restricted concentration courses from which students may pick from a number of options. These courses are designed to give the student specialized skills in Information Systems Management, Technological Innovation, or Supply Chain.

Technological Innovation Concentration Master of Science in Management Coursework

Foundation Courses – 6 Credits
6200:601 Financial Accounting (3 credits)
6200:620 Strategic Marketing (3 credits)
MSM Core Courses – 12 Credits
6500:675 Global Supply Chain Management (3 credits)
6500:652 Managing People in Organizations (3 credits)
6500:601 Business Analytics and Information Strategy (3 credits)
6500:678 Project Management (3 credits)
MSM Technological Innovation Core – 12 Credits
6400:602 Managerial Finance (3 credits)
6500:608 Entrepreneurship (3 credits)
6500:651 Management of Organizational Transformation (3 credits)
6500:655 Management of Technology (3 credits)
Restricted Electives (Choose 2) —6 Credits
6200:554 Information Systems Security (3 credits)
6400:623 Legal Aspects of Business Transactions (3 credits)
6500:645 Software Development and Quality Assurance (3 credits)
6500:689 BioInnovation and Design (3 credits)
6700:695 Gateway Internship (3 credits)
9200:700 Introduction to Intellectual Property (3 credits)
Total Core Credits 30
Maximum Requirement 36

Application Deadline

  • July 15 for Fall enrollment
  • November 15 for Spring enrollment
  • April 15 for Summer enrollment

It is recommended that international students apply one month prior to these dates to allow time for admission and I-20 visa processing. I-20 forms are processed by the Office of International Programs.

Students currently admitted to this program may have different course requirements than those listed here. Refer to your official Program Checklist and DARS in My Akron for your program requirements.