Graduate Assistantships

Domestic and international students are eligible for consideration for a Graduate Assistantship if they have full admission status and are not on probation. Graduate assistantship awards are very competitive, with 12 to 15 applicants for every opening.

Eligibility Guidelines for Graduate Assistantship (GA) Awards

Preference is given to CBA GA applicants with scores greater than or equal to 570 on the GMAT, 305 on the GRE composite score or 150 on the LSAT score. Students admitted based on an earned advanced degree (master’s or doctorate) or admitted to an accelerated program may also be considered for awards. Students with low scores would need an exception based on skills and departmental needs to receive an offer.

Assistantships are limited to students admitted to degree granting programs with full admission status. Provisionally admitted students, non-degree students, certificate students and students on probation are not eligible for awards.

International students must hold an F-1 visa.


No GA will be awarded to fund a second Masters or Doctoral degree at The University of Akron and tuition scholarships are intended to cover only business courses required for your approved program of study. Graduate assistants desiring to take additional credit hours over the maximum will be responsible for paying their own tuition at the applicable in-state rates.

GA Selection Process

CBA GA selections are made by Department Chairs in consultation with faculty based on departmental needs. Departments refer to the list of applicants supplied by the CBA Graduate Programs Office to determine eligibility and suitability for an award. If a department is interested in considering a student for a GA position, they may request an updated resume or schedule an interview. The CBA Graduate Programs staff do not make selections for departmental GA awards.

Work Requirement and Award Benefits

Graduate Assistantships are awarded as half time awards. A half time Graduate Assistant works 10 hours per week during fall and spring semesters and receives a scholarship covering nine credits of tuition per year and a $3,090 academic year stipend. Graduate assistantships may be awarded for up to a maximum of 18 credits. Students must be enrolled in at least nine credits in fall and spring semesters to be eligible for the award. No stipend or scholarship is awarded for summer enrollment. Half time Graduate Assistants may have some outside employment with approval of the CBA Graduate Programs Director and the Graduate School Dean.

Summer assistantships are not available.

All tuition will be charged at in-state rates for graduate assistants.

Students who are required to take foundation or gateway courses will not receive additional funding to cover those courses.

Joint degree students may also hold assistantship awards, but the scholarship will only be provided for graduate business required courses up to a maximum of 18 credits.

A limited number of full-time assistantship will be awarded based on merit. The full-time stipend equals $3090 per semester or $6180 for nine months and provide a scholarship of up to 18 credits per year. These are rarely given.

Specialized Options:

Stipend Only Graduate Assistantship

A limited number of stipends will be provided for half time work within the CBA. The stipend will be $3090 ($1545 per semester) for working 10 hours per week during the fall and spring semesters. No scholarship will be provided. Tuition will be at the in-state rate.


To apply for any of the above opportunities: Submit an Application for a College of Business Graduate Assistant Award via the online application. Two reference letters are required and reference letters used for graduate admission are acceptable for your application for financial aid. An UPDATED RESUME may also be requested of you by departments considering you for an award.

For additional information, please review the GA Fact Sheet.

Application Deadlines:

Term of Award Application Deadline Normal Selection Period
Academic Year beginning Fall Semester March 1 April or May
Spring Semester November 1 November or December