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Dr. Baker Receives Honorable Mention


A forthcoming paper co-authored by Dr. William Baker, chair of the CBA’s Department of Marketing, was a finalist for the 2011 Robert D. Buzzell Marketing Science Institute Best Paper Award.  It was one of three papers selected for honorable mention.

"A Cross-national Investigation into the Marketing Department’s Influence within the Firm” by Peter C. Verhoef, Peter S.H. Leeflang, Martin Natter, William Baker, Amir Grinstein, Anders Gustafsson, Pamela Morrison, and John Saunders will be published in the Journal of International Marketing in September.

The paper investigates how the marketing department’s capabilities relate to business performance across countries.  The authors collected data in seven Western countries—the Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States, Australia, and Israel.  Their findings show that accountability provides the most consistent predictor of influence, whereas the marketing department’s innovativeness and customer connection show less consistent results.