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SIFE Students Travel To High School and Teach Kids About Going to College


SIFE Financial LiteracyOn Friday, February 5th 2010, five CBA students from The University of Akron SIFE went to Buchtel High School to conduct Project Jumpstart YOUR Future.  This project aims to focus eleventh grade students on the necessary steps to take in attending a university after graduation. The Akron Public Schools have been actively trying to get more of their students focused on attending a university, and the main goal for the project is to have students start thinking about the financial responsibility associated with college. SIFE created a PowerPoint presentation focusing on a few topics such as credit card awareness, scholarship and grant information, and ways to begin saving money now.  They gave an interactive presentation to the entire junior class at Buchtel High School, and partnered with PNC for additional materials to pass out to the high school students.  SIFE, or Students in Free Enterprise, conducts a series of projects each year that focuses on promoting entrepreneurship, financial literacy, and success skills to the local community.