College of Business Administration

Scholarship Application Form for Incoming Students

Applications must be submitted by 12:00 midnight on February 28 for the next academic year.

Please indicate the scholarships for which you would like to be considered:
The Joyce Wortman Barnett I.B. Scholarship
Margaret Brewster I.B. Scholarship
H. Peter Burg Scholarship
The Flora G. Flint Endowed Scholarship
Russell R. & Vivienne S. Johnstone Scholarship
R.C. and Katharine Musson Scholarship
Isidore C. and Penny W. Myers Scholarship
The Charlotte Ostroff Memorial Scholarship
Robert D. and Peggy A. Weed Scholarship

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Extracurricular activities in high school:

If employed, where and how many hours per week?

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Intended major of study:

Explain your circumstances of financial need

By submitting this form, I certify that, to the best of my knowledge, the information supplied herein is true and accurate. If I receive a CBA scholarship, I hereby give the CBA permission to release my name and the name of my scholarship(s) for publicity purposes.