Isidore C. and Penny W. Myers Scholarship

No Graduate Level Scholarships are available for 2018-2019 distribution.

This scholarship fund was established on September 16, 1996 by Isidore C. Myers, a 1939 graduate of The University of Akron. Upon graduation, Isidore joined his brothers, Meyer and Louis, as a partner in Myers Tire Supply, which later became Myers Industries. In 1971, he left the company and started ICM-JAE Properties, Inc., formerly known as Isidore C. Myers Properties, Inc.

In creating this scholarship fund, Mr. Myers stated: “A person must strive to leave this world in a better place than when he or she entered it. The education I attained at The University of Akron was crucial to the success I achieved in my business career and in my life in general. It is time to repay The University of Akron, my mentors and benefactors. Penny and I are delighted to help others become college educated so they too can be the best they can be.”

The purpose of the fund is to provide annual scholarship assistance for employees of Myers Industries, Inc., or their children and grandchildren. In awarding the scholarship, first preference shall be given to individuals for the continuation of studies in The University of Akron’s College of Business Administration. If there are no applicants from Myers’ Industries, Inc. that meet these criteria, awards may be made to the general applicant pool of students in the CBA.

Both the Incoming Freshmen and the Current Students must upload a one-page essay which addresses the items listed below. Put your full name at the top of the page of your essay.

  • What is your relationship to Myers Industries, Inc.? Are you an employee or the child or grandchild of an employee? If you are, please include the employee's name and their division/work location.)
  • Where did you grow up?
  • What factors resulted in your decision to study business?
  • Why did you decide to pursue your particular major?
  • What makes you stand out (highlight awards, extracurricular activities, community involvement, leadership experience, etc.)
  • What work experience have you had? If you are currently employed, please indicate where and for how many hours per week.
  • What are some of you academic and/or career goals?
  • Why do you need this scholarship?