The Accounting Association just may be the single-greatest networking opportunity for those looking to begin a successful accounting career. We will expose you to and allow you to interact with staff members, partners, and recruiters from the "Big 4", regional and local accounting firms, as well as industry accounting professionals, government accounting positions, not for profit accounting departments, and post graduation accounting organizations. If you're an accounting major, this is one great organization to get involved in! Join the fun and watch your career opportunities blossom!

Over 80% of all internship recipients were accounting association members

Events :

Evening With the Accountants Pre-Evening With the Accountants Weekly Meetings, Networking, Opportunities, Mentor Programs
Important Dates:

  • Evening with the Accountants on 9/17
  • Weekly meetings with firms such as Deloite, E&Y, GT, Smuckers etc.
  • Meeting at Tuesdays 3.50pm - 5.00pm, room CBA 120


Obtain enough points to be officially inducted into the organization. Pledges can obtain points through attending meetings, social events and community service projects. Open to students majoring in Accounting, Finance and Information Systems


  • President: Jasdeep Sandhu
  • Vice President of Career Development: Robert Emery
  • Vice President of Finance: Andrew Norton
  • Vice President of Administration: Christinia Gentile
  • Vice President of Technology: Ben Barr