Delta Sigma Pi


As professional business students striving to enter the business world, choice, not chance will determine your destiny. Delta Sigma Pi is the path of opportunity you need. Not only will we give the edge you need to establish a successful career, but we will also give you the chance to mix business with pleasure. Delta Sigma Pi will give you the exposure to business professionals during professional activities on and off campus, allow you to pitch in a helping hand with your local community through volunteer work and fundraisers, and encourage social interaction among members and the national organization. In addition to this, leadership opportunities exist throughout Delta Sigma Pi to give you real-life experience that will prove useful when beginning your career.


Throughout the year we host various professional, community service and social events. Every event provides opportunities for personal and professional development (soft and hard skills) that employers are looking for from college graduates! We attend at least two conferences every year in cities such cities across the US. This year we will be traveling to Baltimore, MD and Rochester, NY. As in life, brothers of DSP get out of the fraternity - what they put in. These events provide a great way to get involved and find out what DSP can do for you!


We accept all undergraduate and graduate students majoring in Business or Economics!


  • President: Heather Pulley
  • Senior Vice President: Nichole Eames
  • VP - Pledge Education: Brittany Parker
  • VP - Chapter Operations: Andy Lahti
  • VP - Professional Events: Lexi Pappadakes
  • VP - Community Service: Emma Raabe
  • VP - Finance: Michael Guban
  • VP - Fundraising: Tanisha Hill
  • Chancellor - Samantha Anzaldi


  • Gordon Bethune, Chairman and CEO, Continental Airlines
  • James F. Geer, Controller for Manufacturing, Coca-Cola USA
  • Paul S. Otellini, President and CEO, Intel Dominic
  • A. Tarantino, Chairman Emeritus, PricewaterhouseCoopers
  • Joseph A. Pichler, Chairman of the Board and CEO, Kroger Company
  • David Oreck, Founder, Oreck Corporation