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What is ISACA?

Information Systems Audit and Control Association (ISACA) had its ambitious beginning in 1969, when a small group of individuals with similar jobs - sat down to discuss the need for a centralized source of information and guidance in the field.

In 1976, the association formed an education foundation to undertake large-scale research efforts to expand the knowledge and value of the IT governance and control field.


  • Has more than 100,000 strong members worldwide—is characterized by its diversity.
  • Has members who live and work in more than 160 countries and cover a variety of professional IT-related positions.
  • Members hold key top executive positions in organizations worldwide. Examples include, IS auditor, consultant, educator, IS security professional, regulator, chief information officer, chief financial officer, CEO, external auditors, and internal auditor.

From the Desk of our Faculty Advisor:

Welcome to The University of Akron ISACA Student Group - the first in the world officially set up and recognized for its quality and value as the “Model Group”. I am sure as a member of our Group you will be engaged, educated, informed and entertained.


I invite you to become a member of the University of Akron ISACA Student Group. By joining this elite club you will be part of the rare history and take advantage of several benefits that the membership brings. The ISACA Student Group holds monthly meetings. There is no fee to join the ISACA Student Group and no cost to attend the meetings. However, there are plenty of benefits. Formal membership certificates are awarded in the last meeting of the semester to those students who attend three of the four meetings in a semester. Active membership in the Group is required.

The meetings are informal - yet focused, practical and very useful. Both the membership and the meetings are open to all business majors (including accounting, MIS and finance) and computer science majors. However, professional decorum and demeanor is expected.

In these meetings, you will have the opportunity to network with fellow ISACA members and professionals, hear first-hand from a leading official from the Akron Chapter of ISACA, and Learn about practical benefits of the Student ISACA membership.

Call for Leaders:

I expect you to take charge of the Group. In this respect, I encourage you to take the leadership role in the Student Group. I will always be on hand to provide you support and help in every way I can. Please consider assuming the following leadership roles in the Student Group:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary

Please let me know your intent to become a member and/or assume a leadership role. I look forward to the opportunity to personally welcome you and to your active participation. Thank you.

Dr. Akhilesh Chandra
Faculty Advisor