Financial Services Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) Degree

Program Overview

The Financial Services major teaches students how to apply financial principles to the firms, services, and products that serve the individual and business consumers. Such services include banking, securities brokerage, investment advisers, and insurance.

Financial Services focuses on how to apply the principles of finance to the firms, services and products that serve the individual and business consumers. Such services include banking, securities brokerage, investment advisors, real estate, insurance and personal financial planning.

Students choosing to specialize in real estate or personal financial planning have the opportunity to sit for and be licensed as an Ohio real estate agent or to sit for the Certified Financial Planner Certification Examination to earn the CFP® designation, respectively.

Examples of financial services career opportunities include:

  • Security brokers
  • Portfolio managers
  • Bank loan, credit, and operations managers
  • Insurance firm managers
  • Commercial and residential real estate portfolio managers
  • Financial planners for individuals

Financial Services Coursework

Undergraduate degrees at The University of Akron require a student to complete 128 credits. Please note that some number of electives might be needed in addition to required courses to equal 128 credits. The following are the credits required for Financial Services majors:

  • General education requirements  (minimum of 42 credits)
  • CBA core and additional business requirements  (42 credits)
  • Financial Services major coursework (33 Credits) includes the following:
Required (15 credits)
6400:302 Intermediate Corporate Finance 3
6400:338 Financial Markets and Institutions 3
6400:343 Investments 3
6400:473 Financial Statement Analysis 3
6400:489 Advanced Financial Analytics 3
Electives (18 credits)
6400:494, 6100:497; 6400:200, 6400:323, 6400:390, 6400:402, 6400:403, 6400:414, 6400:415, 6400:416, 6400:417, 6400:424, 6400:436, 6400:437, 6400:438, 6400:448, 6400:490; 6400:499, 3250:400, 3250:410 18

Professional Experience

Application-based courses allow students to develop real world decision-making skills through the introduction of relevant business issues into the classroom and the use of expert guest speakers, case-based analysis, and integration of current events. Paid-for credit internship and cooperative work experiences are available for students to apply classroom learning in real-world settings.

Course Availability

University general education requirements and CBA Core classes are offered each semester, including over the summer. Please note that the number of sections available is often less during the summer semester.

Finance major courses are offered only in the fall and spring semesters. It is important that students work with their assigned adviser to ensure they stay on sequence with their requirements.

Finance Department

Learn about CBA finance students, careers, organizations that have recently hired CBA graduates, and much more on the Finance Department page.

Graduation Requirements

In addition to completing all required courses for their major a student must also maintain certain cumulative GPAs to graduate:

  • 2.3 overall GPA in all courses
  • 2.0 GPA in major courses
  • 2.0 GPA in business and economics courses

Graduation Deadlines

  • Spring Graduation – Apply by December 1
  • Summer Graduation – Apply by April 1
  • Fall Graduation – Apply by July 1

Academic Resources

Resources are available to help you learn more about the school and major, determine class schedules, requirements, and progress toward you degree.

Before you apply to The University of Akron, contact our Undergraduate Recruiter to answer your questions. Current UA students who want to be admitted to a major should be sure to visit an undergraduate Academic Adviser.

Graduation Planning Summary (GPS). The GPS is a document that lists course titles and additional, supplemental information for you as a Corporate Financial Services student. When you are admitted to the CBA, you will review the GPS with your adviser, and use it in conjunction with the Degree Auditing Report System (DARS) (see below). Download your Corporate Financial Services GPS.

Once you are admitted to The University of Akron, you’ll use the Degree Auditing Report System (DARS), which is an online tool you can use to view data about course requirements. DARS outlines your degree requirements, marks completed courses, and shows your remaining coursework. 


Once you are a student, The University of Akron and the College of Business offer tutoring services for additional help in many subjects.

  • The University of Akron offers free online tutorials for students to learn to use a variety of software programs, like Microsoft Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Project, Google Docs, and Springboard through Atomic Learning.
  • The CBA offers tutoring on business topics.
  • The main campus library has writing and math Tutoring Services. 

Student Organizations

Students are encouraged to participate in at least one of our many active, student-run organizations. Participating in an organization will enrich your college experience by providing opportunities to apply knowledge and skills gained in the classroom, and by opening doors to new friendships, networking, professional growth, and jobs. Our student organizations regularly excel in regional and national competitions. CBA finance student organizations include:

You also can get involved in other CBA student organizations:

General Accounting Marketing Management