Certificate in Entrepreneurship

The 15-credit Certificate in Entrepreneurship program, which is open to all university students, allows students to learn different aspects of entrepreneurship (for example, starting a business, buying a business or franchise, running a family business, corporate entrepreneurship or working for a small business) from faculty who have been successful entrepreneurs. The innovative program allows students to interact with entrepreneurs from the business community through guest speaking engagements, field trips, internships, and small business consulting projects.

A total of 15 credit hours is required for the certificate program. The student must complete 12 credit hours of required courses. In addition, a 3-credit hour course must be selected from a list of electives.

Required Courses: 12 credits

Course Number Course Name Credits
6300:201 Introduction to Entrepreneurship 3
6300:301 New Venture Creation 3
6600:300 Marketing Principles 3
Introduction to Finance 3
6400:301 Corporate Finance 3

Electives: Complete one course - 3 credits

Course Number Course Name Credits
6100:495 Internship in Business Administration 3
6200:201 Accounting Principles I 3
6300:360 Entrepreneurial Field Project 3
6300:450 Business Plan Development 3
6400:220 Legal & Social Environments of Business
6600:275 Professional Selling 3
Total Credits Required 15