Financial Services Minor for Non-Business Majors

Financial Services focuses on how to apply the principles of finance to the firms, services and products that serve the individual and business consumers. The professional opportunities in the financial services areas of banking, insurance, real estate, and financial planning are expanding rapidly. This program provides the non-business major an opportunity to develop career-focused skills in the financial services area. The 18-credit Financial Services Minor for Non-Business Majors will provide some solid skills to apply in a financial career.

Required- 9 credits

Course Number Course Name Credits

Foundations in Personal Finance

6140:131 Personal Finance 3
6400:300 Introduction to Finance 3
6140:341 Contemporary Investments 3

Electives- 9 credits

6200:410 Tax for Financial Planning 3
6200:330 Contemporary Federal Taxation 3
6400:338 Financial Markets and Institutions 3
6400:390 Real Estate Principles: A Value Approach 3
6400:402 Income Property Appraisal 3
6400:403 Real Estate Finance 3
6400:415 Risk Management & Insurance 3
6400:417 Retirement & Estate Planning 3
6400:424 Real Estate Law 3
6400:432 Seminar in Financial Planning 3
6400:436 Commercial Bank Management 3
6600:275 Professional Selling 3
Total Credits Required 18