Human Resource Management Minor

Managing human resource (HR) functions has evolved to become a key to an organization's management process. It is widely recognized that a well-functioning HR group significantly contributes to an organization's bottom-line and overall success. The 18-credit Human Resource Management (HRM) minor focuses on the systems and programs that effectively manage an organization’s employees.

Required (9 credits)

Course Number Course Name Credits
6500:301 Management: Principles & Concepts 3
6500:310 Business Information Systems 3
6500:341 Human Resource Management 3

Electives (9 credits)

6500:302 Organizational Behavior & Leadership Skills 3
6500:342 Labor Relations 3
6500:442 Compensation Management 3
6500:443 Human Resources Selection & Staffing 3
6500:457 International Management 3
Total Credits Required 18