International Business Minor

The rapid globalization of business is creating dynamic changes in the business environment. As a result, significant opportunities for graduates with academic backgrounds in international business are available. The 18-19 credit International Business minor provides students with a basic understanding of international business and its environments and is a useful complement for many majors. The University of Akron has exchange agreements with leading universities throughout the world, enabling students to study and gain valuable business experience in such locales as the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Denmark, Japan and the Netherlands.

Required - 9 credits

Course Number Course Name Credits
6400:323 International Business Law 3
6800:305 International Business 3
6800 421 Foreign Market Entry 3

Electives: Complete three courses, 9-10 credits

6800:492 Internship for Credit 3
3250:461 Principles of International Economics 3
3700:300 Comparative Politics 4
3700:310 International Politics and Institutions 3
6800:459 Selected Topic: International Management 3
6200:408 International Financial Reporting and Analysis 3
6400:438 International Banking 3
6400:481 International Business Finance 3
6500:433 Supply Chain Logistics Planning 3
6500:457 International Management 3
6500:460 Selected Topics in Management 3
6800:422 Foreign Market Distance Analysis 3
6800:496 Special Topics in International Business 3
*Prerequisites must be honored.