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Year Location Program Conference Photos
2016 Universitat Autonòma de Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain Online (pdf)
2015 University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS Online (pdf)
2014 Hood College, Frederick, MD Online
2013 University of Dallas, Irving, TX Online (pdf)
2012 Dawson College, Montreal, QC Online (pdf)
2011 University of Calgary, Calgary, AB Online (pdf)
2010 Le Moyne College, Syracuse, NY Online (pdf)  
2009 Penn State University, State College, PA Online (pdf)  
2008 Ryerson University, Toronto, ON Online (pdf)  
2007 University College Dublin Online (pdf)  
2006 Sarah Lawrence College Online (pdf)  
2005 University of California - Berkeley Online (pdf) Online 
2004 University of Akron, OH Online (pdf)  
2003 University of New Hamsphire, Durham Online  Online 
2002 University of Oregon, Eugene Online   
2001 Indiana University, Bloomington Online
2000 University of Southern Maine, Gorham Online Online
1999 Carleton University, Ottawa, ON Online
1998 University of San Diego, CA Online
1997 University of Richmond, VA Online (pdf) Online
1996 Earlham College, Richmond, IN Online (pdf) Online
1995 Bowdoin College, ME Online (pdf) Online
1994 Univesite du Quebec a Montreal, QC Online
1993 University of New Hampshire, Durham Online (pdf) Online
1992 University of Windsor, ON Online Online
1991 Slippery Rock University, PA Online (pdf)
1990 Westfield State College, MA Online (pdf) Online
1989 Queen's University, Kingston, ON Online (pdf) Online
1988 Princeton University, NJ Online (pdf) Online
1987 Bowdoin College, ME Online (pdf)
1986 University of Guelph, ON Online (pdf)
1985 University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Online (pdf)
1984 Vassar College, NY Online (pdf)
1983 York University, Toronto, ON Online (pdf)
1982 Salve Regina University, RI Online (pdf)
1981 University of Wisconsin, River Falls Online (pdf)
1980 Bowdoin College, ME Online (pdf)
1979 University of Akron, OH Online (pdf)
1978 Wellesley College, MA Online (pdf)
1977 University of Colorado, Boulder Online (pdf)
1976 National Museum of History & Technology, Washington, DC Online (pdf)
1975 Carleton University, Ottawa, ON Online (pdf)
1974 University of New Hampshire, Durham Online (pdf)
1973 State University of New York, Plattsburgh Online (pdf)
1972 University of Calgary, AB Online (pdf)
1971 New York City Online (pdf)
1970 University of Akron, OH Online (pdf)
1969 Princeton University, NJ Online (pdf)