Research Interests

Organic and Bioorganic Thin Films and Nano Structures

Our research is focused on the design, fabrication, and characterization of self-assembled and self-organized organic nanostructures on metal surfaces. We create new nanomaterials for catalysis in organic synthesis, biomedical sensing and imaging, molecular electronics, and nanomedicine.

  • Polymer/transition metal nanoparticle composite catalyzed cross-coupling reactions in organic synthesis

 Hu Figure 1

  • Organic photochemistry in self-assembled monolayers and photolithographic fabrication of biochips

Hu Figure 2

  • Freestanding molecular wires

Hu Figure 3

Hu Figure 3a                         Hu Figure 3b

  • Real Time Optical Sensing of Glucose

Hu Figure 4

  • Supramolecular Polymer Nanocapsules for Drug and Gene Delivery

Hu Figure 5

  • Stable Self-assembled Biomolecules on Large (60 nm) Gold Nanoparticles and Surface Enhance Raman Sugar Sensing and Molecular Imaging

Hu Figure 6

Selected Publications

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  3. "Grafting Poly(t-butyl acrylate) to Poly(allylamine) by Inverse Microemulsion Radical Polymerization: From Comb-polymer to Amphiphilic Shell Cross-linked Polymer Nanocapsule," D. Sarkar, J. M. El Khoury, S. T. Lopina, J. Hu  J. Appl. Polym. Sci. accepted for publication
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