Colloids Symposium 2010
  • Chemistry of Colloidal Materials
  • Physics of Colloids
  • Catalysis & Surface Science
  • Colloid and Interfacial Chemistry in Biological Systems
  • Colloid and Interfacial Chemistry in Energy Systems
  • Nano and Colloidal Materials: Environmental Applications and Implications
  • Polymer Colloids
    • Co-chairs: Yakov Lapitsky, Uiversity of Toledo, and Syed Qutubuddin, Case Western Reserve University,
    • Keynote speakers: Joseph M. DeSimone, University of North Carolina and North Carolina State University and Joerg Lahann, University of Michigan
  • Scattering
  • Self-Assembly & Liquid Crystals
    • Co-chairs: Oleg Lavrentovich, Kent State University,, Elizabeth Mann, Kent State University,, and Qi-Huo Wei, Kent State University,
    • Keynote speakers: Alberto Fernandez-Nieves, Georgia Tech and Gordon Tiddy, University of Manchester
  • General Papers
    • Co-chairs: Joelle Frechette, Johns Hopkins University, and Michael Bevan, Johns Hopkins University,
    • Keynote speakers: Thomas Truskett, University of Texas – Austin; John Walz, Virginia Tech; and Robert Prud’homme, Princeton University
  • Posters

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