Graduate Certificate in Gender Conflict

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Required courses
3850:547 Sociology of Sex and Gender   
3700:522 Understanding Racial and Gender Conflict

Elective courses (choose four)
3700:502 Politics and the Media
3700:622 Alternatives to Violence
3850:646 Social Inequalities
3850:510 Social Structure and Personality
3850:541 Sociology of Law
3850:555 Family Violence
3850:753 ST: Gender and Crime
3230:516 Anthropology of Sex and Gender
3230:563 Social Anthropology
3300:589 Seminar in English: Subversive Women
3300:589 Seminar in English: British Women Writers
3400:593 Special Studies: Women, Film and History
3400:669 Reading Seminar in American History Since 1877

Electives must include courses from at least two departments