Certificate in Conflict Management for Educators

Core Courses (6 credits):

Conflict Core
3700:334 Law, Mediation, and Violence

Socio-Cultural Core (choose one)
3850:315 Sociological Social Psychology
3750:340 Social Psychology
3230:150 Human Cultures

Electives (choose 12 credits):

Education Options
5100:210 Characteristics of Learning
5500:320 Diversity in Learners
5500:330 Classroom Management

Political Science Options
3700:341 American Congress
3700:350 American Presidency
3700:360 Judicial Process
3700:475 American Interest Groups
3700:476 American Political Parties

Sociology Options
3850:320 Social Inequality
3850:421 Racial and Ethnic Relations
3850:428 Victim in Society
3850:430 Juvenile Delinquency
3850:447 Sociology of Sex and Gender
3850:455 Family Violence

Communications Options
7600:227 Nonverbal Communication
7600:325 Intercultural Communication

Electives must include courses taken from at least three of these areas

Internship (3 credits)
Students must take at least three credits of internship in either the Political Science Department or the Sociology Department internship program, or they can arrange an internship with the Center Director directly.

Due to changes in the College of Education curriculum since the creation of this certificate, interested students should contact the Center Director to discuss course substitutions to ensure that this certificate meets the educational needs of individual students.