Undergraduate Certificate in Gender Conflict

Required courses (6 credits)
3850:447 Sociology of Sex and Gender 
3700:422 Understanding Racial and Gender Conflict

Elective courses (choose three, 9 credits)
3700:334 Law, Mediation, and Violence
3700:375 Women in Politics
3700:402 Politics and the Media
3850:325 Sociology of Women in a Global Society
3850:365 ST: Sociology of Peace and Violence
3850:441 Sociology of Law
3850:455 Family Violence
3230:416 Anthropology of Sex and Gender
3230:463 Social Anthropology
3300:489 Seminar in English: Subversive Women
3300:489 Seminar in English: British Women Writers
3400:325 Women in Modern Europe
3400:340 African-American Women’s History
3400:350 US Women’s History
3400:493 Special Studies: Women, Film and History

Electives must include courses from at least two departments

Internship (3 credits)
Students are required to take a three credit internship (see department guidelines for details)