Undergraduate Certificate in Political Conflict

Required Core Course (3 credits)
3700:334 Law, Mediation, and Violence

Electives (choose 4, 12 credits)
Choose one course from each of the following four clusters:

Institutional Conflicts
3700:341 The American Congress
3700:350 The American Presidency
3700:360 The Judicial Process
3700:441 The Policy Process

Linkage Conflicts
3700:402 Politics and the Media
3700:470 Campaign Management
3700:475 American Interest Groups
3700:476 American Political Parties

Law and Justice Conflicts
3700:335 Law & Society
3700:363 Crime, Punishment, and Politics
3700:481 Challenges of Police Work
3700:483 Constitutional Problems in CJ

Global Conflicts
3700:310 International Politics
3700:328 American Foreign Policy Process
3700:410 International Defense Policy

Internship (3 credits)
All students will complete a 3-credit mediation internship (see department guidelines for further information).