Interdisciplinary Minor in Conflict Management

Required Core Course (6 credits):

Conflict and Mediation Core (3 credits)
3700:334 Law, Mediation, and Violence

Socio-Cultural Core (3 credits, choose one)
3850:315 Sociological Social Psychology
3750:340 Social Psychology
3230:150 Human Cultures

Choose from these Elective Courses (9 credits):

Elective Courses
3700:335 Law and Society
3700:363 Crime, Punishment, and Politics
3700:481 The Challenges of Police Work
3230:251 Human Diversity
3850:320 Social Inequality
3850:340 The Family
3850:421 Racial and Ethnic Relations
3850:441 Sociology of the Law
3850:447 Sociology of Sex and Gender 
3850:455 Family Violence
7600:227 Nonverbal Communication
7600:325 Intercultural Communication 

Electives must include courses from at least two different departments.

Required Internship (3 credits):

All students will complete a 3-credit internship (see department guidelines for further information).