soccer pictureUndergraduate Certificate

Work with faculty from various disciplines on our 16-credit Certificate in Conflict Transformation & Social Entreprenuership.  This certificate aims to integrate insights from conflict management, the social sciences, and the exploding, exciting, field of social entrepreneurship!

Certificate in Conflict Transformation & Social Entrepreneurship

Required Core (13 credits)

3700:334  Law, Mediation & Violence (conflict transformation core course)
3700:333  Social Entrepreneurship OR 6300:301 New Venture Creation (College of Business Administration)
3850:490  Social Organizations, Community, and Mindful Action
3230:460  Field Methods in Cultural Anthropology (4 credits)

Experiential Learning Component (3 credits)

Internship or Service Learning Project (can be completed in any department)

[For Official Use Only:  A&S 14-11091, 14-11094, 14-12038, 14-12063]