Transdisciplinary Journal of Conflict Management

A Scholarly Community Supported by the Center for Conflict Management at The University of Akron

Volume 1 (2010)

Racial Conflicts in America, Rafah Al-Obaid - (pp. 1-9)
Race and Racial Conflict, Omoyeman Alli - (pp. 10-19)
Law, Mediation, and Violence, Alyssa Bailey - (pp. 20-31)
Digging Deep into Racism, Wesley Baynes - (pp. 32-40)
Law, Mediation and Society, Erica Biedenbach - (pp. 41-49)
Race and Community, Kristilyn Cottle - (pp. 50-58)
A Black Prospective on Racial Conflict in Akron, Douglas Gray - (pp. 59-67)
Understanding Law, Mediation and Violence, Chelsay Jackson - (pp. 68-77)
The Evolution of Racism, Amanda Johnson - (pp. 78-89)
Urban Leaque Story Circle #3, Tracee McClain -(pp. 90-99)
America, the Land of Lost Opportunity, James Phillips - (pp. 100-107)
Racial Conflict, Whitley Pressley - (pp. 108-114)

Volume 2 (2011)

Spinning a Web of Discrimination, Aaron Richardson - (pp. 1-23)
King’s Way: A Christian Approach to Conflict, Emily Tillman - (pp. 24-31)
King’s Way: An Approach to Conflict, Devin Yauger - (pp. 31-38)
King’s Way: Struggle Against Inequalities, Shaina Ahenger - (pp. 39-49)
E(Racing) the Mark at Last--Ceramics  (powerpoint images)

Volume 3 (2012)

King's Way: A Call to Lovingly Engage in a Search for Truth, Nicole Robinson - (pp. 1-5)
King's Productive Way, Natasha Williams - (pp.6-12)

Volume 4 (2013)

Transforming Racism in Ohio, Misty Franklin - (pp. 1-7)

Volume 5 (2014)

The Drone That Killed a Grandson, Nathan Kemp - (p.1)
Them Dogs, James Phillips - (p.2)