Demand for corrosion engineers

In a 2009 report titled Assessment of Corrosion Education, the Committee on Assessing Corrosion Education of the National Research Council stated that an essential element in developing improved corrosion control and management practices throughout the national infrastructure is better education of the nation's engineers.

It further noted that advances in durability, and the savings that accrue thereby, are more likely to be realized with an engineering workforce that is capable of understanding the fundamental principles of corrosion science and applying them using engineering techniques.

Corrosion and environmental degradation of materials is found in almost every economic sector. Whether you are interested in preserving existing assets or developing new material systems to prevent degradation, there will be opportunities for you to pursue your career. The water distribution, automotive, chemical and petrochemical processing, energy (fossil & nuclear) and the oil and gas industries are sectors that will likely need many corrosion engineers.

There will also be demand for corrosion engineers from government laboratories and program offices as well as companies that support our national defense.

Salaries in the field

Analysis of recent salary surveys indicates that corrosion engineers may have a median annual salary of more than $100,000. While starting salaries for corrosion engineers are competitive if not higher than most other engineering disciplines, the opportunity for promotion and salary increases are very strong for corrosion engineers. For further research visit and for search corrosion engineers.

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