As part of the DoD’s pilot Technical Corrosion Collaboration, UA develops critical research findings that, in partnership with the service labs and/or industry partners, can be transitioned into the field to address key drivers of the DoD cost of corrosion.

UA is pleased to join The Ohio State University, the University of Virginia, the University of Southern Mississippi, the University of Hawaii, and the United States military academies as the academic members of this elite demonstration program.

Likewise, strong collaborations between the affiliated research faculty and the R&D teams of various industry partners help to support the development of new products and their timely introduction into commercial markets.

Such relationships are not only part of the mission of the national center, but they represent evidence of UA’s role as a champion of local, regional, and national economic development.

Current Research by the Technical Corrosion Collaboration Members at UA

2010-2013: Here

2014: Here