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How can career services from the Counseling Center help me?

Choosing a major and choosing a career are two of the crucial decisions faced by all students. The staff of the Counseling Center can help you with these complex and often confusing tasks. A counselor can help you can make an assessment of your interests, goals, values and personality characteristics. Then, armed with greater self-understanding and some of the most relevant career theories and instruments, you will be able to explore a variety of majors and occupations that have the potential to lead to a satisfying career.

Individual Career Counseling

Career counseling is a process in which a knowledgeable and objective counselor helps an individual identify and understand his/her career issues and provides the necessary tools and support which can lead to good vocational decisions. Psychological inventories, computer guidance programs, as well as books, kits and workshops are useful, but it is an expert counselor who helps assemble this information in order to come to workable solutions about students' career paths.

We recognize that good career decisions do not come easily, and we will work with students to help them make optimal choices.

Career testing/assessment

Career testing often helps in the process of deciding on a major or a career, but it does not provide simple, absolute answers. There is no test that will definitively tell you what you should be.Career assessment contributes to a better sense of self-awareness and self-acceptance, two attributes that make career choice much more likely to be successful.

Your counselor will help you identify the most appropriate assessment strategies for your individual situation.

Web based computer programs


What other resouces are available on campus for for career help?

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