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     SIGI 3

SIGI stands for the System of Information and Guidance. Published by Valpar International, SIGI is an extensive computer program designed to help you assess your values and interests, and connect you with occupations. SIGI is best utilized in conjunction with expert career counseling as well as other career tests. SIGI is like sitting down in a room with someone who may not know the right answers, but they know the right questions to ask.

SIGI is now Web-based and available by clicking here.

     Ohio Career Information System (OCIS)

OCIS is a second computer program available at the Counseling Center. Occupational information in books can often be obsolete information by the time the book is published. OCIS is updated constantly from a national database, so the information is relevant and helpful. You could find out how much accountants make in Akron as opposed to Cleveland and the data on which these statistics are based may be no more than one or two months old. OCIS also has other information such as where to find money for school, career inventories, and search engines for occupations and graduate schools. 

OCIS is now web-based and available by clicking here.

      O*NET OnLine

O*NET OnLine is a web-based program that provides details of occupations, such as skills, knowledge, interests, and activities.

O*NET can be accessed by clicking here

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