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COMPASS Placement Testing

Students who did not take the ACT or had scores that required further assessment, take computer COMPASS exams. The testing takes place at Computer Based Assessment and Evaluation. Call CBAE at 330-972-6506 for more information. CBAE is located in Schrank Hall North 152.

COMPASS exams are "adaptive," in that the test is constructed for each individual as he or she takes the exam. This means that COMPASS exams are fairly short because only the number of items administered are those necessary to place the student.

COMPASS exams cover reading, writing and mathematics. The exams are untimed, and a calculator is provided for the math exam. Typically, all three exams can be taken in 60 to 90 minutes or less. Many students do not have to take all three exams, which makes the testing period even shorter.

Language Placement Testing

Language testing is available for French, German, Spanish, Italian and Latin. Students who score well on these tests may be advanced to the second to fifth semester of language courses. After passing the language course in which a student is placed with a C or better, the student receives credit for all preceding courses.

The registrar does charge a $5 fee to place the hours on your transcript, but you don't have to pay tuition costs, thus saving thousands of dollars. If your score indicates a 301 level course (fifth semester), you should go to the Modern Languages Department to find out what course to take.

Language tests are administered most days at the Testing Services office located at 304 Simmons Hall. Call 330-972-7084 to make an appointment. The tests are administered free of charge.

CLEP Testing

Students may also receive credit by examination via the College Level Examination Program (CLEP). Whether a student took AP courses or not is irrelevant if the student passes a CLEP test.

On passing a CLEP test, the student has the corresponding course added to his or her transcript as though the course was taken pass-fail, and the fee to add the hours is only $5 per hour. This saves the student thousands of dollars. Go to the link above for more information about CLEP testing at The University of Akron. CLEP tests are computer-administered daily in our office, and the test score is available immediately.

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