Dr.   Xiong     Gong

Dr. Xiong Gong

Associate Professor
Department of Polymer Engineering
Phone: 330-972-4983
Email: xgong@uakron.edu

Research Group Members

Mr. He Ren, Ph. D. student, Organic Electronics

Mr. Wei Zhang, Ph. D. student, (co-advised with Prof. S.Z. D. Cheng), Synthesis of novel fullerenes derivatives for polymer electronics

Mr. Chao Yi, Ph. D. Student, polymer solar cells and organic thermoelectric devices

Mr. Xiaowen Hu, Joint Ph. D. Student, Organic solar cells and photodetectors

Mr. Pengcheng Du, Joint Ph.D. Student, Organic supercapacitors/battery

Mr. Kai Wang, M. Sc. Student, polymer solar cells

Miss Chang Liu, M. Sc. Student, Novel organic materials and polymer photodetectors

Mr. Zhan Zhang, M. Sc. Student, Polymer photodetectors

Mr. Chang Liu, Organic thermoelectric devices

Mr. Tianyu Meng, Polymer solar cells

Mr. Guanyu Fang, ITO-free organic electronics

Undergraduate Student

Ms. Rebecca Sherlock

High School Students

Ms. Olga Eliseeva and  Mr. Jack Giles


Dr. Chien-Lung Wang, Formal post-doc; currently, Assistant Professor, National Chiao Tung University, Hsinchu, Taiwan

Dr. Wanzhu Cai, Formal joint Ph. D. student; currently, South China University of Technology

Dr. Tianzhi Yu, Formal visiting professor, currently Professor, Lanzhou Jiaotong University

Dr. Hangxiong Wang, Formal joint Ph. D. student, currently Faculty, Hubei University

Dr. Tinbing Yang, Formal joint Ph. D. student, currently Faculty, South University and Technology, P. R. China

Dr. Xilan Liu,  Formal Ph. D. student, looking for academic job

Mr. Rundong Hu, Currently Ph. D. student in Chem Eng. The University of Akron

Mr. Jose Chapa Garza, Formal M. Sc. student  (co-advised with Prof. A. Karim). Graduated, in Mexico

Ms. Zhehui Li, Formal M. Sc. Student; currently, Ph. D. student in College of Boston

Mr. Bohao Li, Formal M. Sc. Student; currently Ph. D. student in University of Alabama