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“Inquiry Based Learning Using Polymers” Gives Teachers the Tools to Succeed

Each year the Research Experience for Teachers (RET) in Polymer Engineering Program provides valuable learning experience for middle and high school teachers from across the country. Participants travel to UA in order to learn about research methods and develop new lesson plans to take home to their students. But before they take their lesson plans back to their classrooms, they need to test them out. That’s where the workshop “Inquiry Based Learning Using Polymers” comes in.

Polymer College to Host Ohio Federal Research Network’s First Meeting of the Minds

On July 13th, the Ohio Federal Research Network (OFRN) will be holding the first formative meeting for the special interest group regarding organic polymer technologies and products at The University of Akron's National Polymer Innovation Center (NPIC) and Polymer Engineering Academic Center.

July Safety Focus: CPSPE Safety Team Recruitment

This month I would like to recruit 12 students to become our CPSPE Safety Team. This team will help encourage safety from the peer level and be part of a team to continue our mission towards a safer CPSPE. I would like to see an equal ratio of students from both Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering. This will be a TEAM not a committee and focused on positive change to enhance safety.

New Polymer Additive Manufacturing Course Delivers Cutting-Edge Technology To Industry

The College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering, as one of the top polymer programs in the world, is helping industry keep pace with cutting-edge technology. Akron Polymer Technology Services (APTS) is utilizing the facilities of the Goodyear Polymer Center to provide modeling and additive manufacturing training to industry professionals.

The "Science of Spider-Man" Features UA Researchers at Awesome Con

Science and comic book nerds, assemble! The world of polymers is joining the world of comic books and cosplay for one weekend to teach Spider-Man fans all about Peter Parker’s powers.

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