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Preprogramming materials to shape shift at a given time

Dr. Andrey Dobrynin, Professor of Polymer Science, collaborates on research that creates time programmable shape-changing material which has a potential to facilitate the development of novel drug delivery systems.

Polymer Engineering alumnus receives Sandmeyer Award 2016

Alumnus, Dr. Ratan K. Mishra (Polymer Engineering, PhD '12), along with fellow team members from Sika, ETHZ and the University of Colorado Boulder were awarded The Sandmeyer Award 2016, CHF 20'000 for their innovative work in the field of industrial and applied chemistry. Congratulations to Dr. Mishra and the team!

BRIC intensifying cooperation with NASA with new fellowship opportunities

After the successful Biomimicry Summit and Education Forum (BSEF) for Aerospace hosted by NASA Glenn Research Center and in collaboration with Great Lakes Biomimicry and the Ohio Aerospace Institute Aug. 2-4, the Biomimicry Research and Innovation Center (BRIC) is intensifying its cooperation with NASA Glenn.

Boy Scout troop visits CPSPE

The University of Akron’s College of Polymer Science and Polymer Engineering is not only passionate about spreading knowledge to bright UA minds, but also spreading knowledge to the inquiring minds of young children.

Polymer Engineering Researchers Report Novel Use of Aerogels in Capturing Airborne Nanoparticles

Aerogels are extremely light, 90-95% porous solids filled with air with pore diameter between 2-200 nm. For reference, the diameter of human hair is typically 100,000 nm. The thermal insulation properties of aerogel materials have been exploited for decades.

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