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Novel Nanofiber-based Coalescing Filter Media for Separation of Water Droplets from Ultra-low Sulphur Diesel Fuel

Professor Sadhan Jana and his students Dr. Stuti Rajgarhia and Dr. Rafael Benavides recently reported in Polymer, 93, 142-151 (2016) a facile means of fabrication of nanofibers from solutions of two immiscible polymers in two mutually miscible solvents using gas jet fiber method.

Dr. Stephen Z.D. Cheng's recent work published in PNAS

Dr. Stephen Z.D. Cheng's recent work, "Geometry induced sequence of nanoscale Frank–Kasper and quasicrystal mesophases in giant surfactants," has been published by the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS).

December Safety Focus: Lab, Hood, and Personal Safety

December's Safety Focus has an emphasis on Lab, Hood, and Personal Safety! There will be lab inspections and you will receive either a SAFETY STAR or an UNSAFE notice in your work areas. Please take a few minutes during your workday to evaluate the following areas of your personal protection equipment, hood space, and lab areas.

University of Akron, Sandia pair up to bring new polymers
The national lab says it has tons of applications for new materials, from energy infrastructure to medical devices, and is looking to one of the nation's top polymer schools for help.
Alumnus opens new Akron Children's Museum

Alumnus Ryan Hartschuh (PhD, 2007, Polymer Science) and his wife Betsy are the co-founders of the new Akron Children's Museum that opened on Friday, November 25, 2016.

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