What is Success Coaching?

Success Coaching at the University of Akron is a holistic, team approach to supporting the academic and life needs of pre-college students at the University. We aren't the first to use Success Coaching but our combination of roles and responsibilities is unique and has allowed us to significantly increase the retention rate of underserved college students--the average 18-22 year old who, in the economy of twenty years ago, would not have attended college.

Success Coaching is currently replacing traditional academic advising at colleges and universities across the country. We've researched some of the best models being implemented, identified the best components, and created a custom-taylored model that supports the needs of our student profile.

University of Cincinnati

Success Coaches at the Univesity of Cincinnati are successful, upper class students who have the desire and the skill-set to assist their younger peers achieve similar success. Students who feel that they lack the necessary skills or identified areas of improvement voluntarily schedule an appointment with a coach at the campus Learning Assistance Center.

Central Michigan University

Success Coaches at Central Michigan, unlike the University of Cincinnati, are professional staff members who have the training or experience to offer assistance to struggling students.  Just like Cincinnati, students have to recognize they need help and seek out assistance.

Georgia Tech

GA Tech Holistic ApproachGeorgia Tech has identified eight focus areas for the coach and the student to work on as the student transitions from a low to moderate achieving high school student into a successful college student. These include Study Skills, Motivation, Time Management, Academic and Social Balance, Test Taking Strategies, Goal Setting, Organization, and Connecting with Resources.

Students meet bi-weekly with their success coach to set short and long-term goals and assess their completion.

Georgia Perimeter College

GPC ModelGeorgia Perimeter College, a two-year institution increased student success and retention through wrap around support inside and outside the classroom.  Faculty, academic advisors, tutors, counselors, and academic success coaches provide support through a team model where students at risk are identified and a success coach steps in to provide individualized support buttressed by other campus professionals and resources. 

At the University of Akron, most of our success strategies are compulsory. For example, students are required to take The Akron Experience: First Year Seminar, an intrusive, immersive, course that provides students with timely information, skills, strategies, and supports to quicken the transition to college. This course is taught by each students' Academic Success Coach providing the student and the coach two hours of contact each week during the first semester.  Students who are struggling can be identified early and supported immediately. 

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