Artwork is the most important aspect to garment decorating. The better the artwork, the better the print will come out. If you need help with your artwork, these options are for you!

Customer Supplied Art Ready to Print -or- Choose a Custom Apparel Design from the Book


Artwork e-mailed directly to, or brought to us on a CD, DVD, or Jump Drive. Prepare Artwork print ready at actual size, up to 14” x 15”, at 300 DPI or Vector.
Formats: Adobe Illustrator (AI), Photoshop (PSD), Corel Draw (CDR), or Publisher (PUB).

Text Layout


You tell us what words you want, how you want them, your preferred font and color, and we’ll work it up for you!
Want to see changes? Request up to two changes at no additional charge.
Want to create your own? Supply your own in Word or Publisher, and there is no charge!



Have a hand drawn image you’d like us to scan and clean up to put on your campus gear? We are happy to take any image, scan it professionally, and make it print ready. You will also receive a PDF copy of the scan to use any way you like.

Simple Art


Need a Simple Graphical Layout? Do you have your own idea, but need someone to bring it to life for you? With our enormous clip art library and talented staff, we can take your description and turn it into artwork! You will also receive a PDF copy of the scan to use any way you like.

Complex Art


Need a Complex Graphical Layout? Do you want something detailed, with a more artistic look? Our talented staff can put something together for you that will really impress you!
You will also receive a PDF copy of the scan to use any way you like.

Sizing Guidelines

Are you preparing your own artwork, and are not sure how to format it? Here are some guidelines and resources that will help!

Left Chest Images

Max Size = 4” Wide by 3” Tall


Max Size = 12” Wide by 2” Tall

Youth Shirt Front / Back

Max Size = 9”Wide by 6” Tall


Max Size = 6” Tall

Adult Shirt Front / Back

Max Size = 12” Wide by 10” Tall

Over Plate Service*

Max Size = 14” Wide by 16” Tall

*If you prefer that your artwork print beyond the maximum sizes shown above, you may
choose our “Over Plate” service to print your images larger. This service starts at an extra $2
per print. There are quantity discounts available.

Free Resources

Free Font Downloads

When you download your own font, our computers may not recognize it. When sending us artwork with downloaded fonts, please also send us the font file. You may also convert the image to curves / outlines, or rasterize the image at actual size, 300 DPI.

Free Clipart

Free Design Programs

Free Anti-Virus

Note: *Visit and download at your own risk. Custom Apparel cannot be held responsible or liable for the content of these web pages, or downloaded content. Remember to always use safe internet practices, and stay away from sites with pop-up ads or flash scripts.