Frequently Asked Questions about:

Services Available


Picking up and Payments

Artwork Options

Return Policy

A. Services Available

What is Digital Printing?

Choose this process if you need shirts fast! Digital Printing is an ink jet process. You may print any colors in any combination for one flat rate, however we cannot print opaque white ink (all whites in the design take on the color of the shirt). This service is quick, and often can be completed the same day the order is placed. This process comes out best on light colored garments.

What is Silk Screening?

Choose this process if you need a large amounts of shirts. Silk Screening is an opaque, layered process. Each design is separated into colors, and each color is printed one on top of the other. Silk Screening offers the most vibrant colors, and looks great on any garment. Although there is a set-up fee for each color, the service itself can become very cheap with our quantity discounts!

What is Embroidery?

Choose this process if you need work uniforms with a professional look. Embroidery is a sewing process. Embroidery can use any combination of colors, and can be sewn on just about any fabric. Once we have your logo on file, uniforms may be re-ordered anytime without any digitization cost.

Can I get Greek Licensed Apparel here?

Yes! We offer licensed, sewn-on twill Greek lettering.

Can I get Personal Names and Numbers for my intra-mural team?

If you are looking for team uniforms that have different numbers and names on every garment, you have two options.
1. Digital Printing is the cheapest and fastest method to personalize your team gear- at the additional cost of only $1.00 per name, it cannot be beat.
2. Heat Pressed Letters and Numbers are available at the additional cost of $1.00 per digit/ letter.

Will you create my artwork for me?

If you are in need of artwork services, we can help! Feel free to share with us your ideas, and your artwork regardless of the format. Once we understand what you are looking for, we can guide you or your artist in preparing the artwork for print. Refer to Section D: Artwork Options for more information.

B. Ordering

Is a deposit required?

Yes, see "Is a deposit required?" under Section C - Picking Up / Payments.

I want customized campus gear. How do I place an order?

You must first ask yourself the following questions:
      1. What type of garment do I want? Access our main catalog at: If you do not see exactly what you are looking for, we can also order product for you from Sanmar (professional attire) and Holloway (athletic attire).  Feel free to browse their web catalogs and pick out your garment.
      2. Do I know what I want to put on them? If not, we have artwork services available to help you customize your campus gear.
      3. What colors do I want? This is very important, because what color scheme you pick out will determine what service you need to use.
      4. What sizes do I need? In order for us to give you the best possible price quote, we must know how many of what garment to order for you.

Once you have considered these questions, you may begin your order by filling out our “quote request form.” From there, you can e-mail us at, call us at 330-972-8380, or stop by and speak with us in-person.

Can I place an order over the phone?

Your signature helps us all make sure you get the product that you order, in the form you expect. We require a signature on all orders, and will not process an order over the phone. We are happy to give out quotes over the phone, but an order is only considered an order with your signature. You must sign a work order form (and art proof when applicable) before we will begin your order.

What is your minimum quantity for placing orders?

On silk screening orders, we have a 12 piece minimum. With our water-based, direct-to-garment, Digital Print System, we can easily print one item. There are no minimums for our digital print service, and it is the cheapest, fastest, and best option for orders under 12 items. Our staff are happy and eager to help you choose the most compatible garment and color scheme to make your item look fantastic!

What if I just want one shirt silk screened or embroidered?

Custom Apparel reserves the right to refuse any silk screening order under the quantity of 12 for reasons of complexity. If an order is accepted, Custom Apparel reserves the right to thoroughly inspect the request before quoting a price. All single shirt orders for silk screening and embroidery will be charged a minimum service fee of $25. If orders are found too complex for silk screening or embroidery services, the customer should consider Digital Printing.

I had you print a shirt for me last week. What if I don’t like how it turned out?

It is our policy to send an art proof with every order. We will not print or embroider on your garment until we receive your signature. Your signature authorizes us to personalize your garment, and commits to purchasing it so long as the end result matches the art proof. Once you sign an art proof, making changes to your artwork or returning the merchandise is not an option.

What if I change my mind after I place an order? Can I just refuse to pick it up?

Once you sign a work order form or artwork proof, you have committed to purchase your garment. Refusing to pick up or pay for the garment can lead to a hold on your university account, blocking zip card access, class registration, library use, and ultimately- graduation.

May I bring in my own blank garment?

Custom Apparel reserves the right to turn away any third party material found to be incompatible with our services. The customer must sign a damage waiver on customer supplied goods before we will print or sew on them. Custom Apparel cannot be held responsible for damage to garments as a result of garment incompatibility with our services.

What happens if I never pick up my order?

It is always best to pick-up your orders promptly, or contact us to make special arrangements for late pick-up. If items are left for more than thirty days after they are ready for pickup, Custom Apparel assumes ownership of abandoned items and reserves the right to sell the merchandise. Custom Apparel also assumes you have refused to pay for your order, and will place a hold on your University account.

C. Picking Up / Payments

What payment methods do you accept?

We currently accept Cash, All-Campus Zip Card, inter-department charges (speed type accounts), Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and checks made payable to the University of Akron. We do not accept American Express or Dining Dollars.

Is a deposit required?

A 50% deposit is required on all orders, unless the order is being paid for by a University Department, or a Registered Student Organization.  You may choose to pay in full at time of order. 

University Departments and Student Organizations must provide an On-Campus Requisition, to be paid to Custom Apparel (Speedtype 3-03811).  All other customers must place a 50% deposit before an order is considered placed.

Do I have to pay the rest when I pick up?

Th 50% down payment is offered as a courtesy.  The remaining amount due must be paid upon pick-up of order. 

There are consequences for refusing to pay or pick-up your order, after it has been placed. 
If garments are abandoned after 30 days, a hold will be placed on your university account which will restrict library use, zip card function, grades posting, class registration, and ultimately dismissal from the University.  If you are not a staff or student, you must pay in full at the time you place the order.

D. Artwork Options

What are your Artwork Requirements?

Submitting artwork is easy! Artwork for your custom clothing order can be e-mailed directly to, or brought to us on a CD, DVD, or Jump Drive. Artwork for Digital Printing and Silk Screening must be prepared actual size at 600 DPI, no greater than 13” x 16”. Acceptable formats include: Adobe Illustrator (AI), Adobe Photoshop (PSD), Corel Draw (CDR), and Adobe Acrobat (PDF). Vector graphics provide the best results.

What about embroidery?

If you just need lettering, do not worry. We have stock fonts that we can set-up for no additional cost. However, if you must have a font match or graphic embroidered, all artwork submitted for Embroidery must be digitized (converted into threads). Left Chest images require a $35, one time only set-up fee to convert to threads.

If I bring in a drawing, will you scan it for me?

Of course! Please refer to our re-tracing chart for pricing.

Can I bring you a bunch of artwork, and have you create the layout for me?

All orders come with a free re-touch service! If your artwork is almost print ready, and can be converted to our formats in less than 15 minutes, there is no charge.

What if my image is very small. Will you re-trace it, so it looks awesome big?

Of course! Please refer to our re-tracing chart for pricing.

Can I bring in a copy-righted image?

It is the customer's responsibility to supply us with Copyright-Free artwork, or seek permission of Copyright holders when using Copyrighted artwork. All artwork supplied by the customer is subject to Copyright Law, and Custom Apparel will not be held responsible for any artwork supplied by a customer without the permission from the copyright holder. With that said, Custom Apparel has the right to refuse a print job based on copyright suspicions. The University of Akron Athletic logos are registered under Merchandising and Licensing. Mr Bryan T Huettmann, Director of Merchandising & Licensing, must be contacted directly for permission to print and/or embroider NCAA Akron Zips Logos. He can be contacted at extension 2639, and e-mailed at:

What is an art proof? How do I get one?

Custom Apparel will print (or e-mail) for every customer an art proof on paper, arranged within a t-shirt outline that is proportionate to the final garment before printing. This proof must be signed and "okay-ed" by the customer before Custom Apparel will print or embroider an order. By signing below, you are authorizing Custom Apparel to print your order. Signing an artwork proof communicates to Custom Apparel that the artwork has been assessed for its quality, color, size, and spelling, and is found free of error. Your signature also communicates to Custom Apparel that you agree to pay the price quoted for this product at pick-up or before. Once artwork is approved by the customer for printing, Custom Apparel cannot be held responsible for artwork mistakes discovered from that point forward or changes requested after signature’s date. Custom Apparel reserves the right to extend a product in-hand date if this authorization is not received within 24 hours of printing the proof. Custom Apparel will not print a sample garment for any reason.

E. Returns

What is your return policy on serviced apparel?

All screen printed, digitally printed and embroidered items can be exchanged for a reprint/resew if there is found any service related defect (ink smudge, hole in garment, etc.), so long as the items have not been washed or worn, are accompanied by an original receipt, and are brought back within 10 days of purchase. No refunds will be given for printing defects.

What is your return policy on retail merchandise?

All store-bought merchandise must be returned within 30 days, accompanied by the original receipt for a refund. Exchanges are acceptable so long as the original tags and packaging remain with the item.

Can I return a garment if it’s messed up?

If you authorized us to print or embroider your order, and there is service related defect (ink smudge, hole is garment, etc.), you are more than welcome to return it for an exchange or refund. All store-bought merchandise must be returned un-worn and un-washed, within 30 days, accompanied by the original receipt for a refund. Exchanges are acceptable so long as the original tags and packaging remain with the item.

I bought something last week, and don’t like how it looks on me. Can I return it?

If you have worn or washed our garments, you may not return them (see above). It is always best to try on garments before removing the tags and packaging. We do have a bathroom that you are welcome to try on garments in.